If you are interesting in supporting vintage artists, here are ways you can help

The Jamaica Association Of Vintage Artistes & Affiliates (JAVAA)
Oakton Park. Entertainemnt. Complex;
57 Hagley Pk. Rd.
Kgn. 10
Tel /Fax: (876) 908-4464

JAVAA is always fund raising to support its social welfare and business education
programs for members. JAVAA promotes the history of about Jamaica’s
popular music in schools.

To support the artists, I recommend that fans buy re-released vinyl from reputable
dealers or download songs from websites that who pay royalties to the

Fans could also help arrange a booking for a vintage artist in a local club- it just
takes speakers, an amp and someone to play music.

If there is a vintage artist who you would like to directly support, request that he
or she voice a dubplate/special for you. Contact artists, studios and producers
through the internet- through Myspace and Facebook etc. Certain artists, like
Prince Jazzbo, can arrange ‘special’ recording with a wide variety of artists.
Ask around. Jamaica is a small island and everyone knows everyone, or at
least they know someone who knows someone who knows that person you
are looking for. If you are visiting Jamaica, bring along a gift of anything that can
help in the production of music- even if it’s just batteries or blank CDs.