||| Kingston’s Second Coming
A vibrant document of post-Marley Jamaican music delights Steve Yates.
By Steve Yates for The Observer | Saturday 9 August 9, 2008

||| Quietus Beth Lesser Interview
By John Doran for Quietus | February 12th, 2009

“One of our favourite albums of last year was the Soul Jazz Dancehall compilation, so we decided it was time to talk to author Beth Lesser who penned the excellent book that accompanies it. John Doran gamely exposes his ignorance.”
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||| United Reggae Interview with Beth Lesser
By Erik Magni for United Reggae | Wednesday June 1, 2011

“I saw reggae as vibrant and pure. There is probably no other genre that is so detailed, open to new influences and musical experimentation”
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||| Dancehall PopMatters Review
By Andrew Zender for PopMatters | July 15, 2009

“Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the story is the importance of “dance-halls” and “soundsystems”, a.k.a. backyards, alleyways and P.A. systems—and their functions as outlets for the people of small, impoverished towns in Jamaica. All gathered here, most any night of the week, to hear fresh sounds, beats, DJs, vocalists and other ‘personalities’.”
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